Courtney Hawkins

Leader, Inspirer, Speaker

Remember when you were young and were so excited to run your very own lemonade stand on the street corner? Whether you realized it then or not, you were developing an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age.  It was more than just wanting to make a couple dollars or have a good time with your friends, it was about you wanting to start something on your own.

 Whether you began mastering leadership skills as a child or not, everyone has the leadership spark inside of them.  The question is, how do we find it and cultivate it?  Lifetime leader Courtney Hawkins will help you discover your inner leader and leave you with a lasting sense of determination. 

Your energy, passion, enthusiasm, transparency and authenticity have me hanging on your every word. When you are speaking I could listen for hours!
— Kelly R.

 There is no doubt that as a child, Courtney manifested strong leadership skills.  Whether she was operating her own lemonade stand or creating homemade gift-wrapping paper, Courtney developed her entrepreneurial and leadership skills at a young age.  Since then, she has dedicated herself to helping others realize their potential as a leader and guide them in a direction that exemplifies their core values.  


From working as a Speech Language Pathologist in the school system for 15 years to being in the top level leadership for a direct sales company, Courtney knows the importance of effective communication and leadership techniques.  With a compassionate and energetic personality and a business mindset, Courtney uses her unique skill set to truly capture an audience.  

Over the years, Courtney has been inspiring others to realize their leadership potential and inspire change.  Her energetic and enthusiastic presentation style will capture your heart and inspire you to excel.