One of my all time favorite quotes says: "It takes courage, not confidence to live the life you've dreamed of!". I absolutely love that quote. Many people have asked me HOW I have achieved success. And when I really think about it, it boils down to courage. When you think of courage, you may think of the lion from the Wizard of Oz. The definition of courage is: the ability to do something that frightens one; strength in the face of pain or grief.

Yikes! Fear, pain, grief....those words definitely don't make me feel all warm and fuzzy. In fact, those words make me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But that's just it, courage is mustering up the strength to get through the fear, the pain and the grief. It is a decision to power through the tough times. I don't know anyone who hasn't faced suffering, adversity or difficulty in life. And I have never met anyone who hasn't met major challenges on their success journey! Truth be told, those challenges ARE their success journey!

So, how do you develop courage and how do you muster up courage in the face of adversity and difficulty?

First, declare that you are not going to quit! Make a commitment to persevere. Find out what motivates you and harness it with all your might! I love to call this the Stickwithitness Factor.
Next, claim success. Expect it. Seek it. I have found that the quote is true- what you focus on increases. Focus on success and you will begin to see more of the things that you can and have accomplished!

Then, do the work. Sometimes, we just want to quit, especially when things get tough. So, I challenge you to DO the work, even when times get tough. And, do the work to the best of your ability....even if you don't want to. Most times you will find that once you start engaging in the task, it isn't as daunting as it initially seemed!

No matter what, do the RIGHT thing. This has been a hard one for me. Often times, I do what I want to do in a situation, not necessarily what the RIGHT thing to do is. So, ask yourself in every situation, "What is the RIGHT thing to do?" Your moral and ethical conscience will let you know.
Last, gain perspective. I would highly suggest reading the book, The Noticer by Andy Andrews. This book is all about perspective and even though you may not identify with any of the circumstances in the book, you will learn to have increased perspective in your life.