Success Strategist Spotlight: Amy

Achieve Success with Courtney Success Strategy Sessions are unique.  I am not a licensed coach or therapist.  I am an inspirer, a motivator, an entrepreneur and a real life success story!  

Strategy sessions are different than coaching.  Success strategy sessions have a definite start and finish.  There is a certain “coursework” that has been outlined for each module and once you complete a module, you will have successfully strategized through the framework and topics.  Success Strategy Sessions are guided and we will partner together as you journey through each module. 

I'd like to spotlight another current Success Strategists!  Not only to I believe in inspiring women, but one of my FAVORITE things to do is to CELEBRATE!  Amy has done amazing things during our time together. I'm so excited to have her share about her time!

Please introduce yourself and describe your position.

My name is Amy Schmitzer, I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. I am a Real Estate Professional and work with Charles Rutenburg for home buying and selling. I as well am a Sales Rep for ODC Loans which helps businesses acquire capital. I have worked with my husband for a few years and have loved what he does for so long that I took a leap of faith and her I am now!

What do you love most about your position?

I love the search for the "dream home". Helping people see where they can see their family. Building a dream vacation place for when they retire or a quaint home to start a new family. I love that people trust me with sometimes their biggest purchase in their lives. I feel that I am a memory maker to some!

Describe your success journey so far.

So far my journey has been amazing. I love that I can always learn something new about my client and build a friendship during the home search process. My first client was a friends son and daughter in law who just got married and it was amazing to see how they look at life and what is important to them and that I was a small milestone in their lives for doing something that I love to do.

What are you celebrating since starting Success Strategy Sessions?

I am celebrating confidence........ I started this new career a year ago but have a mentor husband who has been in the business for almost 20 years. I love that he is excited for me, encourages me and lets me make mistakes so I can become better. I am celebrating change, it's amazingly hard work to start fresh but I know God has a plan.

What is your best tip for success?

My best tip is to be secure with your abilities, someone is always going to have more business, or have more sales than you but if you have a great work ethic and are hungry to succeed your abilities are endless. Confidence in yourself and loving what you do will take you a long way :-)

What area(s) have you seen personal and professional growth since beginning your success strategy sessions?

Since the success strategy sessions, I have realized that it's ok to not be like everyone else out there. I am more confident with my accomplishments and am learning not to compare myself with others. I am also learning to go with the flow, and keep plugging along. Sometimes having someone "pick" you over someone else they were recommended to can be uplifting as well as defeating so I am learning to make things work.

How can others contact you and/or use your services?

I am a professional real estate agent working in the Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties available to help you sell or purchase a home. I also specialize in helping small business owners get instant capital for their business needs. I can be reached at or or via text or phone at 813.760.0352